Sherryl Lin will work with each key team member to see to what level they are “plugged in” to the Matrix of the business/organization and how their own personal Matrix intersects with it. The goal here is to assist each team member to be in full flow where they feel free to use their skills, talents and expertise to “feed” the Matrix of the business, while at the same time feeling filled-up by the mutually supportive and honoring relationship with the rest of the team. Instead of just doing a j-o-b, they feel deeply connected and know that they are fulfilling part of their own personal mission by aligning with the company’s mission.

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 The Matrix Sessions are for entrepreneurs, business owners, organizational leaders and those who have a change-the-world mission or project. Your business, organization or project is a living entity that, once it moves from an idea into form and structure, takes on a life of its own.

Sherryl Lin is a business owner herself, and has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs as a coach and consultant. Sherryl Lin is also a seer and intuitive who is able to view your business/organizational structure as a Matrix, and acts as a Conduit for you to assess what needs to be cleared, shifted or changed, in order for the business to be free to grow to its fullest potential. 

"Everyone on the team said how it made a huge difference in the way that they operate within the team and in the business... we've been so much more aligned to the natural way that each of us is..."

~Jennifer Hough, President

"I received incredible clarity from the session... it connected me to new language, new clients, new opportunities... this has brought great abundance into my life and I am attracting the level of client that I wanted. The Matrix did the trick for me."

~Dr. Pam Denton, keynote speaker, author & founder of The Superpower Conferences


Business/Project Matrix Session 

(Only for existing Matrix clients)

Because businesses, organizations and projects are ever-changing and evolving, it is helpful to

periodically tune in to the Matrix to make adjustments and gain additional insights and clarity. If you are in a launch phase, more frequent tune-ups become a supportive element to assist as you move out into the world.


This package includes:

•Business/Project Matrix Session
Sherryl Lin will guide you to connect with the Matrix of your business, organization or project, and help you to see it from a more expanded perspective. She works with your higher levels of consciousness to clear any blocks or incomplete sections in the Matrix, and open it up to multidimensional resources that will assist you in bringing it to the next level. This session is approximately 60 minutes.

•Follow-up Session
During this session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to gain further clarity on next steps in bringing your business, organization or project out to the world, or amplifying a current one so that it is more effectively reaching those that it is intended to serve. Sherryl Lin will also check back in to the Matrix to make any adjustments or relay any additional information to you that would be useful for you going forward. This session is approximately 45 minutes.

•Email support in between session.
Although it is recommended to schedule the follow-up session within 10-14 days of the initial session, questions often come up that may need to be addressed sooner.